Z-cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget Cube

Z-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget Toy Gift


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Z-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget Cube

  • Excellent stability and amazing corner cutting
  • Durable carbon fiber textured sticker
  • Smooth and fast turning
  • Great for gift and collection
Z-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget CubeZ-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget CubeZ-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget CubeZ-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget CubeZ-Cube Carbon Fiber Skewb Sticker Speed Smooth Magic Cube Fidget Cube


At a first glance the Skewb might seem to be difficult, but after a while you will get used to it. I think it’s easier than the 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube, because after one face is done it can be solved in maximum 24 steps. It is very fun to play with, no wonder why it became an official WCA event. The Skewb is more like a Pyraminx mod. If you take it apart you will realize that it has 4 axes and what is interesting that four corners are centers, the other four pieces are edges.

Start the Skewb simulator

There are many Skewb mods, not forgetting to mention some of these: Skewb Diamond (photo) where the corners become centers, the Pillowed mod, the Ultimate Skewb where you have to orient every piece, but there are dodecahedron shaped mods, and Siamese Skewbs, and the list goes on.

I recommend to buy this cube, the solution is interesting, it has a good quality and it is a must-have collection piece.

The solution

In this solution we won’t use the classic FRU Rubik’s notation.
We assign a number between 1 and 4 to every bottom corner of the Skewb. When you see in the algorithm the number of the corner it means a clockwise rotation and when you see an apostrophe make a counterclockwise turn. The Skewb being a Pyraminx mod a turn of a corner means a 120orotation. When you master the solution you might find interesting the page
about solving the Skewb blindfolded.

Solve the yellow face

This is simple step if you can predict four steps. It’s similar to solving the corners on the first layer of the Rubik’s Cube. Find the yellow center piece and group around it the corners. Here’s a little help, if a corner is on the right spot but it’s orienting wrong do the following.

FLU corner clockwise: 1 2 1’ 2’
FLU coutnterclockwise: 1’ 3’ 1 3

Solve the centers

Now the yellow face is done, we have to put all the remaining 5 centers to the right place. To do that we can use an algorithm which rotates 3 centers around a bottom corner clockwise and counterclockwise. Take the cube in your hand so the solved yellow face is up and do the following.

Rotate around 2 clockwise: 1 3 1′ 3′ – 4′ 3′ 4 3 or 1 3 1′ 3′ Y 2′ 4′ 2 4

Around 1 counterclockwise: 2′ 4′ 2 4 – 3 4 3′ 4′ or 2′ 4′ 2 4 Y’ 1 3 1′ 3′

Y – turn the whole cube to the right

Solve the last 4 corners

Here’s a simple algorithm which rotates the bottom corners of the Skewb, the two corners on the left counterclockwise and the ones in the right clockwise.

Take the puzzle with the yellow side facing up and if you see on your cube two bottom corners that have both got the color of the bottom center piece on the same lateral side of the cube, then move that face to the back and do the algorithm below. If you can’t find two such grey pieces then do the same algorithm until you can see it.

[ 2′ 4 2 4′ ] x 2

Solution of the Skewb Diamond

I mentioned before the Skewb Diamond mod where the corner pieces of the Skewb become centers and the centers become corners. This puzzle is an octahedron having 8 sides and the ones facing each other having the same color. You can buy a Mefferts or Mozhi version, both move very well after lubrication.


General Brand: Z-Cube
Material: ABS
Color: Carbon Fiber Black
Dimensions Product size: 3.8″ x 3.8″ x 3.8″ / 9.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 cm
Product weight: 3.0 oz / 85 g
Package Contents 1 x Z-Cube Skewb Speed Cube Black

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